Nanauwe is an Indigenous Vibrational Artist from the island of Noepe. She is part of the Wôpanâak tribe, also known as the People of the First Light.
She was given the name Nanauwe within which she was given her purpose, her name meaning Freedom. Nanauwe is guided by her divine path to speak the ancient wisdom of her Ancestors, Mama Earth, and Creation to bring all people together to walk in their divine purposes.

“My path as an artist is to create a community of people through my music. I intend to bring people together who are messengers of the vibration of the Earth and Creation. Manifesting a community where we connect back to our ancestral ways of living in harmony and balance with Mama Earth so that we may learn, remember, and grow. 

We are in the age of a new beginning, the age of Aquarius,  where creating new ideas through Art is the key. There is hope for a beautiful life for the future generations, and we are the creators. Reach out to me, reach out to others, reach out to your family and friends, reach out to nature, and the divine will reach back.”